Double wall corrugated polyethylene pipe

Double wall corrugated polyethylene pipe: According to the design of double-wall pipes they have high newton resistance. This type of pipe can be installed on sea waters, inside and underground. They are also used for sewage disposal like domestic and industrial urban sewage.

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Double wall corrugated polyethylene pipe
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Double-wall corrugated pipe is used in sewerage system and drainage with internal diameter started from 110 to 800mm. These pipes are made of HDPE(Hard Polyethylene Material). These pipes are very resistant to corrasion. These pipes are joined together in different ways and the related gasket is made of EPDM or MBR. These linkages are in accordance to EN 681 and DIN 4060 standards and they have more longevity.

Characteristics of Double-wall corrugated pipes
1.    Double-Wall pipes have long longevity.
2.    Double-Wall corrugated pipe is very resistant to chemicals , acids and basses.
3.    Corrugated pipe is very resistant to UV.
4.    Corrugated pipe can transport fluid.
5.    It is very resistant to physical blow.
6.    The internal surface of these pipes is flat and this prevent percipitate.
7.    Corrugated pipes have low roughness coefficient.
8.    They are well sealed with the method of bell-socket spigot.
9.    Easy transportation.

Product Specifications
HDPE corrugated pipe is produced from 110 to 800 mm in SN8 and SN12 according to ISIR 9116-3 and DIN 16961. It does not need extra sleeves and it is labor saving. It is made of polyethylene, resistant to corrosion and durable against abrasion  and it has excellent resistance against chemicals so it is an ideal product for longlife sewer systems. Corrugated pipes are very light and resistant against shocks. No heavy
equipment are needed during laying pipes, as they are quite light. Their project speed is more than other pipes thanks to easy-joining methods. As the inner surface of corrugated pipes is produced in light color, it gives the opportunity to control the pipe with a camera when necessary. As corrugated pipes have less hydraulic roughness when compared to other pipes, they can be optimized by choosing a smaller diameter, allowing a lower project cost. Their inner surface is smooth, so the particulates in the system can not stick to the pipe surface. Corrugated pipes are not affected by the ground motion and does not deform overtime as they are flexible.

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