Extruders welding machine

PE Extruder welding Machine is used to repair and restore pipe and polyethylene fittings. This product is used in different sizes and different types. Extruder welding machines of this company are produced in two types of granular and wire.

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manual wire Extruder
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Rothengaran Parse company produces polyethylene Extruder Welding Machine with polyethylene and rod material output. This machine is weldable with rod materials. Consumable wire size is 2-3-4-5 mm. Polyethylene extruder welding machine is able to produce 3 kg molten materials per hour. Extruder welding machine is used to weld and repair polyethylene pipes and sheets.

Manual Wire Extruder welding machine:

Rothengarans’ manual extruder used in order to build polyethylene reservoirs and tanks, and polymer sheets connection and geo-membranes. Lightweight, adjustable output speed and digital temperature display system are features of this device.
extruder machine
Technical specifications of manually extruders produced by Rothengaran parse:

Equipped with a hot air blower (air gun) made in Germany with a capacity of 2000 watts.
Industrial element and thermocouple for temperature control with 1200 W power.
Digital display of temperature and easy control.
8 kg Weight.
Thermal insulation and complete electrical household appliances.
Internal parts machined made of steel hot.
Special shoes made of FTP applied to different situations.
The usability of the polyethylene or polypropylene wire 3, 4 and 5 mm .

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