Corrugate double-wall pipe(315 mm)

Corrugate double-wall pipe(315 mm) Rothengaran parseh is the biggest manufacturer of double-wall corrugated pipes which are produced and supplied inorder to sewage and industerial urbun sewage , drainage and transfer fluid.corrugated PE pipes have an inner and outer layers .

Brand Name :
Rothengaran parse
Model :
Corrugate double-wall pipe(315 mm)
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Double-wall polyethylene pipe
Double-wall corrugated pipe is used in sewerage system and drainage with internal diameter started from 110 to 800mm. These pipes are made of HDPE(Hard Polyethylene Material). These pipes are very resistant to corrasion. These pipes are joined together in different ways and the related gasket is made of EPDM or MBR. These linkages are in accordance to EN 681 and DIN 4060 standards and they have more longevity.
Characteristics of Double-wall corrugated pipes
1.    Double-Wall pipes have long longevity.
2.    Double-Wall corrugated pipe is very resistant to chemicals , acids and basses.
3.    Corrugated pipe is very resistant to UV.
4.    Corrugated pipe can transport fluid.
5.    It is very resistant to physical blow.
6.    The internal surface of these pipes is flat and this prevent percipitate.
7.    Corrugated pipes have low roughness coefficient.
8.    They are well sealed with the method of bell-socket spigot.
9.    Easy transportation.

Corrugate double-wall pipe(315 mm)
-Ring stiffness: 31/5 and 16 KN
-Weight per meter:  5/650 kgs
-Length of each branch: 6 meter
- Accessories: Coupler and EPDM gasket
-Numbers in truck: 216 m

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[Iran (Islamic Republic of), Tehran]
  • Business type: Manufacturer, Exporter
  • Products/Services: PE Welding Machine, Double Wall Corrugated HDPE pipes, PE pipes, Drainage Pipe
  • +0098-026-32701094
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