Corrugate double-wall pipe(400 mm)

Double wall corrugated Rothengaran's pipes have special advantages than existing pipes: High resistance against corrosion,Extensive range of Operating temperature,High flexibility and easy transportation,Having connections and coupler and washer for sealing More suitable hydraulic behavior,High abrasion resistance,Low cost, transfer and installation

Brand Name :
Rothengaran parse
Model :
Corrugate double-wall pipe(400 mm)
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Technical Specifications

Double-Wall polyethylene pipe has been used more during the past years for surface drainage facilities because these pipes are very resistant and economical.
Corrugated pipes or Double-Wall polyethylene pipes include 16 , 31.5  and 64 Kilo Newton pressures and they are produced in 6 and 12 meter branches. PE80 materials or  PE100 materials are usually used for corrugated pipe production.
Results show that management of surface drainage depend on the best technology. HDPE polyethylene pipes which are made of high density materials are produced to handle wastewater and surface water. HDPE pipe is reliable and affordable and is perfect solution for long-term drainage needs.
Structural Strength Designing
Polyethylene corrugated HDPE pipe is a flexible pipe which is suitable for low volume and high volume projects.
Durability of Chemical Resistance
High density polyethylene is one of the chemicals to strengthen all plastics.
Abrasion Resistance
HDPE polyethylene pipe is very resistant to corrosion. These two characteristics make this pipe have long-term benefits to the steel and concrete pipes.

pipe(400 mm)
-Ring stiffness: 31/5 and 16 KN
-Weight per meter:  8/850 kgs
-Length of each branch: 6 meter
- Accessories:  Coupler and EPDM gasket
-Numbers in truck:144 m

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