CNC Welding Machine

CNC Welding Machine This machine has been designed and produced by Rothengaran Parseh Iranian experts and is able to do the welding process step by step automatically without any error. In this welding machine all the clamps move automatically and according to the given plan, the welding process is done with high accuracy.

CNC polyethylene welding machine provides automatic welding for the user. All the information related to the welding time, cooling time and sweep time of hydraulic clamp and …. have been stored in the machines memory. When the operator gets the pipe ready for welding and defines the pipe for the machine, necessary settings will be done automatically by the machine.
Other advantages of CNC welding machine is to give report and printing information
Computer numerical control (CNC) is an alternative to the operator manual work. In ordinary welding, the workpiece is filed by directing the cutting tool by a hand wheel and this hand wheel is controlled by the operator. In other words, cutting the material is done by a professional operator with eye control. But on CNC machines all the necessary applications are included in one application.
All the controller orders such as route information and switch tasks are in form of numeric codes. Computer identify and process these codes and send them to the machine. Computer can turn a set of orders to understandable commands for the machine within some seconds. In very short time cycles , the control system reports the performance results(feedback) and after comparison with the setting values necessary reforms will be applied. The above information can be stored on the machine memory or on the external memory.

CNC polyethylene welding machine is used for oil, gas, petrochemical projects and industrial water and sewage systems.
Advantages of CNC:
1)    Capable of welding complicated parts(flexibility)
2)    High accuracy
3)    Repeatability
4)    No need for experienced welder
5)    Lower risk for the operator





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