Fiberglass fireproof rope

Fiberglass fireproof rope Fiberglass refractory rope has a round cross-section and in addition to its light weight, it has extraordinary strength.

Fiberglass fireproof rope

Fiberglass refractory rope has a round cross-section and in addition to its light weight, it has extraordinary strength.

This rope is made of fiberglass or fiberglass, which is a good alternative to asbestos fibers.

This product has good thermal resistance that can withstand temperatures up to 700 degrees Celsius, but the point to be noted is; This value is low for use and for high use, the temperature is estimated to be 450 degrees Celsius.

The main material of this rope is fiberglass fibers, which have 6 types, each of which has outstanding advantages; Finally, these 6 types with their advantages include:

R-glass fibers: have acceptable mechanical strength.
E-glass fibers: has high durability for general use, such as used in sealing car parts.
C-glass fibers: have excellent durability in chemical environments.
S-glass fibers: It has better mechanical strength than R-glass and e-glass fibers.
ER Glass Fiber: Maintains a very high efficiency against alkaline and acidic environments.
ECR Glass Fiber: It has a very good function in acidic environments.
Fiberglass rope has certain advantages. These advantages are:

It has very high strength and low weight.
Resistant to moisture, and non-combustible.
Easy to install.
Has acceptable endurance in alkaline and acidic environments.
It is able to insulate electrically and has dielectric properties.
Heat tolerance for high use up to 450 ° C is the maximum heat tolerance up to 700 ° C.
Has good resistance to rust and chemical corrosion.
By studying the advantages of this product, we knew that this rope has special advantages that the existence of these advantages has caused it to have many applications, and the most important applications of fiberglass refractory rope are as follows:

Insulation of stoves and boilers
Production of firefighting clothing
Sealing of turbine engines and pipes
Insulation of thermal and induction furnaces
Sealing of parts used in power plants
Fireproof curtain sewing
Sealing of buildings
Used for electrical insulation of parts
Can be used to seal pumps and tanks
Sealing pieces of desalinated water
Insulation of parts in the field of refineries

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