packing pall ring

packing pall ring - rasching ring - saddle ring - bio ball plastic

packing :
pall ring
packing :
rasching ring
packing :
saddle ring
plastinc :
bio ball
packing type: Paul ring on deformation of ring type: rasching 
material: polypropylene-polyethylene-polypropylene reinforced-plastic
size: 1 (one inch) (25 x 25 mm) size: 1.5 "(one and a half inches) (38 * 38 mm) size:" 2 (two-inch) (50 * 50 mm) application: used for cooling towers (a variety of cooling tower) is a tower-scrubber Tower-Tower adsorption-separation and disposal of all types of operations-the process of heat transfer and mass anttical a description of the operation : packing or filling in the chemical industries of petrochemical, refinery and the best alternative to the Tower tray because in terms of cost and in terms of technical as well as the suport (the most heat and mass transfer enhancement between the two phases are liquid and gas) and has a very low pressure drop compared to the trays are operational in the Tower (distillation, absorption and excretion and scrubbers) are therefore, with improvements in the field of transport and transport phenomena is the best The application of packing to apply. Because it is easily and with the least possible cost to repair the ice they proceed in the least possible time and the operation is done. Also, packing (now filled in) in size and different sex for all processes are used for example to solvents and corrosive acids and some material of polypropylene and polyethylene materials can be used for very high temperatures, for example, the process of with 200 to 300 ° c of packing ceramic and steel can be used.
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