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Contact phone: 09370648945: design, production, and consulting in the field of packing ; internal equipment and loading stacked and filled with towers and tanks in oil, gas and petrochemical industry and chemical industries all. Manufacturer of filling and pall ring packing - rasching ring packing -bio ball plastic - plastic ball (spherical shape)-saddle ring (intaloxe ring) cooling tower-filler-made of thermoplastic, polyethylene and polypropylene (rated heat tolerance of 160 degrees Celsius), stainless steel, carbon steel: on t... Continue

mohammad chemical : packing pall ring - rasching ring - saddle ring - bio ball
[Iran (Islamic Republic of), Isfahan]
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  • Services/Products : pall ring, packing pall ring, pall ring poly propylene, pall ring poly ethylene, saddle ring, bio ball packing, super rasching ring, rasching ring, pall ring plastic, metal pall ring, plastic pall ring, packing cooling tower
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