Tampv single-color printing machine

Particular monochromatic printer to print promotional products, electronics, toys, cosmetics, medicine is suitable.

Product Description

Series devices, PP, for one to four color printing and design have been produced with the addition of automatic feeding tank will have a broader scope.
Bicolor printing machine industry in general, toys, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, small bottles and containers of all types of doors, etc. used in advertising.


     * Automatic feeding system
     * Ink tray 300 * 100 and 400 * 100 mm system opening


     * Automatic pad printing machine 1 or 2 color
     * Open the ink tank equipped with a flat circular Rngchap
     * Ability to use stereotypes thin, plastic or steel
     * Equipped with 10 different programs for different purposes
     * Capable of printing continuously and adjust the printing
     * Digital display three tabs
     * Equipped with microprocessor
     * Intelligent System Troubleshooting
     * Equipped with emergency button
     * Print speed pneumatic control capabilities
     * Pan cups for mixing paint
     * Ability to print single stroke
     * Easy and quick replacement ink tank
     * Ability to reprint a color withdrawals
     * Ability to print a two-color impression
     * Adjustable two-color printing mode when printing
     * Aluminum lightweight and sturdy

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