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Sales silk screen printing machines and printing machines used Tampv. Education + installation + warranty Printing Machine: Used Printing Machine

Product Description

Sale of corporate image-makers in the field of after sales services, industrial printing machine (Silk - Tampv - inlay - Thermal - Seal Laser)'s customer service is ready. For more information please visit the website.
Buy used silk screen printing machine - Used machines Tampv -

Education + installation + warranty

Print size 50 x 70

Printing machines, single color printing on flat surfaces or rounded in one step to make it possible. Model / W sample is larger than that in addition to having all the features it has the ability to print on larger surfaces. This model can be localized for UV printing, printing on bottles and Galnhay large Chinese flowers, printed sticky back labels, cardboard, large handbags can be used.

Vacuum table for flat printing
Round table for printing


Multi-function printing devices
Printing capabilities for flat and circular
Print speed pneumatic control
The continuous printing and print timing
Digital display three tabs
Equipped with microprocessor
Intelligent Diagnostic Systems
Equipped with an emergency button
Ability to print single stroke
Independent regulator and the stencil printing process.
Accurate and easy pressure adjustment Askvyychy
Equipped with gears for precise adjustment for printing multi-color combination
Rapid switching from flat to round and back print
Made oflightweightand sturdyaluminum

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