Ink Sablymyshn

6 Rngkrh Sablymyshn ink and Chinese

Product Description

Korean Sablymyshn different quality original ink This ink marking, now single, best quality inks Sablymyshn color, durability is a concentration of this substance is made ​​in Korea made ​​in Korea and is without Solvent Printer (ink ink Chynyhavy 50% and 50% Solvent Printer, which dilutes the ink and the quality of life and reduce machine parts), Chinese ink other brands are not good quality. Sablymyshn Inktec ink as 100 cc and a liter of printers and plotters for printing Mybashdmnasb Sablymyshn

Ink Sablymyshn

If you Sablymyshn to print a mirror image on the transfer paper with ink and paper to print the Sablymyshn laid out on the surface and are heat and pressure. During the heating process, and when the body sees Sablymyshn ink on paper Bkharshdh and because there is a lot of pressure on the body of the coating is transferred to you. Then remove the paper and printing output is produced in the body.

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