SBR sealing rubber

Butadiene styrene rubber is one of the cheapest general synthetic elastomers, sometimes used as a substitute for natural NR rubber.

SBR sealing rubber:

Butadiene styrene rubber is one of the cheapest general synthetic elastomers, sometimes used as a substitute for natural NR rubber. SBR tires are a family of synthetic tires derived from styrene and butadiene. By adding styrene and butadiene additives to this type of synthetic rubber, abrasion resistance, longevity and durability can be increased.

It is interesting to know that about half of the car tires are made of different types of SBR. The styrene-butadiene ratio can have a great effect on the properties of SBR. If this type of rubber has more styrene in its structure, the rubber will be harder.

Styrene butadiene rubber is an inexpensive material and can be used in the production of various rubber products. This type of rubber has properties similar to natural rubber. Of course, we must say that its strength is more than natural rubber and it suffers less wear.

Applications of SBR rubber sheet
Extensive applications of this tire include car tires such as trucks, buses, as well as aircraft tires and other car tires. SBR can also be used as a cover for electrical wires and cables, industrial hoses, conveyors, for water sealing and sealing.

Advantages of SBR rubber sheet
These types of tires have additional advantages compared to natural tires. Synthetic rubber is also superior to natural rubber due to its heat resistance and high temperature tolerance. However, the use of synthetic rubber in applications that include: strong acids, oils, ozone, fats, hydrocarbons and greases is not recommended.

Can be a great alternative to natural rubber.
It has various applications in the market.
It has good flexibility at low temperatures.
Its heat resistance is acceptable.
The heat range it can withstand is between -45 ° C to 107 ° C.
It has high abrasion resistance.

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