Refractory Sanat Pars in 1996 with the opening of its central store and exhibition on Amirkabir Street to provide a variety of raw materials, washers, polymers, hoses, industrial parts and thermal and refrigeration insulation and its activities in line with customer orientation and communication with units Industrial, concentrated. After that, in line with policy-making and the bedrock of growth and development in 2006, thanks to God and with the provision of advanced machinery for packing weaving and production of sealing washers, double jackets, spiral vents and industrial parts, observin... Continue


BNSP - Refractory Sanat Pars
[Iran (Islamic Republic of), Tehran]
  • Business type: Manufacturer, Importer, Wholesaler, Retailer, Exporter
  • Services/Products : Refractory packing, gland packing , pump packing , Industrial polymers, Washers and industrial parts, Refractory Yarn, Fireproof fabric, Refractory tape, Refractory silicone, Rubber, Thermal insulation, Refractory mica, Refractory fiber, gasket
  • Business entity: Shop
  • Phone: +98-021-33941022, +98-021-33933097, +98-021-33960192, +98-021-33960193