Tires and diaphragm washers

Tires and diaphragm washers It is one of the most widely used tires and gaskets on the market. Diaphragm rubber is a homogeneous type of rubber.

Tires and diaphragm washers
It is one of the most widely used tires and gaskets on the market.
Diaphragm rubber is a homogeneous type of rubber.
What does it mean to be homogeneous?
Homogeneity is a property whose measurement results in the same result anywhere in space. That is, if a physical experiment is performed at a specific point in space, it will have the same result as the same experiment performed at several points or meters away.
In other words, a homogeneous property (or law) does not change as we move (or change the origin of coordinates). In more technical language (in the language of group theory), it has a homogeneous property with respect to the group of spatial transmissions.
In homogeneous mixtures the materials retain their properties, for example in salt water; Water has retained its liquidity and its salinity. Also in homogeneous mixtures the components of the mixture are not detectable by observation.

Aperture rubber:
It is one of the most widely used tires on the market. Diaphragm rubber is a homogeneous rubber that is suitable for coating and sealing devices that do not have a strong structure. It is used to control between two spaces in controlling valves and preventing unwanted transfer of materials. It is also one of the most suitable alternatives on the market for reinforced fabrics, which are generally expensive.

Sealing is one of the most important and main applications of diaphragm rubber. Due to the low cost of diaphragm rubber, the applications of this rubber are many. This rubber with its homogeneous membrane capability as well as suitable ductility, is a suitable alternative for expensive materials. For example, the flexible nature of the diaphragm rubber allows this product to withstand pressure such as dam pressure or even prevent gas leakage. Of course, the unique friction capability of this product should not be overlooked.

Diaphragm rubber sheets are used to create high temperature seals. The ability to change over a wide range of high temperatures (-60 ° C to 226 ° C) is one of its functions, which is useful for a large number of industrial applications. For this reason, silicone rubber has excellent traction. It is also graded with food properties that are ideal for the pharmaceutical, dairy and food industries, beverages, industrial maintenance (high temperature) for sealing washers and so on.

Other applications of diaphragm rubber
Used in a variety of applications such as: electricity and pneumatics
Consumption as: valve filter, dust, spray pump, etc.
Used in helical valves, pressure pumps
Used in control valve
Sanders Valve
Stimulus systems
In the oil and gas industry
Copper Industries
Flour making industry
Diaphragm rubber sheets can be used in industries that require high performance in harsh, high-temperature environments such as aerospace, automotive, medicine, and food and water.

Aperture rubber features:
Contains silicon along with carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.
They are physiologically ineffective and maintain their stability in harsh environments.
These rubber sheets provide good resistance to acid-alkaline solution.

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