Packing Remy Teflon

fibeThis packing is made of Teflon and naturalrs (ramie) and silicone oil

 fibeThis packing is made of Teflon and naturalrs (ramie) and silicone oil
Also used to make it, we will examine the Egyptian materials here to have more information about the infrastructure of this product.
Teflon :
In a certain Teflon dictionary, it means: a brand name derived from a plastic material that is used to create coatings that are very resistant to heat and chemical agents.
But here is more information about Teflon: Teflon is an industrial polymer in the field of refractory materials. Teflon is able to withstand temperatures equivalent to 300 degrees Celsius. Of course, many people estimate the temperature tolerance of Teflon at 280 degrees Celsius. This commercial polymer is used as the main material due to the completion of the sealing process in various types of refractory packages.
Rami fibers: The shape of rumi fibers is quite smooth. Rami sections under the microscope are cylindrical in shape.
Silicone oil:
Liquid resin silicone with an organic side chain can be silicone oil.
As for Remy Packing:

This very special fiber is made from incart plant. This plant is known as a hard plant and its fibers are used to produce durable refractory yarns. The fibers of this plant have been completely lubricated after separation and positioning, and for better performance, silicone oil is used, which helps to withstand the heat of this refractory packing. In order to maintain strength and usability in hygienic environments as well as better and more heat tolerance; Remy fibers are impregnated with Teflon or PTFE. It should be noted that the amount of Teflon used in Remy refractory packing is so high that it is considered as saturated PTFE. Other features of this packing include the high strength of this product and pressure tolerance, as well as its very good tensile strength. Remy Teflon fireproof packing is recommended for hydraulic services. Applications of this refractory sealing packing include the following:
Use in dilute and alkaline acidic environments
Use in steam pipes
Use in drinking water pumps
The best option for use in saline seawater and shipbuilding industries
Suitable for use in sanitary environments
Most suitable for use in solutions containing abrasives

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