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صادرات اطلاعات

- نحوه ارسال از طریق پست هوایی با بیمه کالا و طبق سفارش در فرودگاه مقصد یا دفتر مشتری تحویل می شود.

- زمان تحویل سفارش حداکثر 14 روز پس از انعقاد نهایی قرارداد است.

- روش های پرداخت برای وزن های کمتر از 50 کیلوگرم به صورت نقدی دریافت می شود و برای وزن های بیشتر از آن با افتتاح اعتبار بانکی (LC) باز می شود. اگر خریدار کل مبلغ قرارداد را پیش پرداخت کند ، حداقل 5٪ تخفیف خواهد داشت. خریدارانی که سفارش آنها بیش از ده کیلوگرم است حداقل 2٪ تخفیف در مبلغ قرارداد دارند.

- تجزیه و تحلیل اطلاعات فیزیکی و شیمیایی زعفران که به دو زبان فارسی و انگلیسی تهیه شده است ، به همراه محموله ارسال می شود.

زعفران چیست؟

زعفران با نام مشترک زعفران و نام علمی crocus sativus با ارزش ترین محصول کره زمین است و تنها گیاهی است که واحد خرید و فروش آن به جای تن و کیلوگرم گرم است.

Saffron belongs to the iris family in the Mediterranean and West Asia climates from 30 to 50 degrees north latitude and 10 degrees west to 80 degrees east in very low rainfall areas of Iran - Turan, which has cold winters and hot summers without Precipitation is spreading in early autumn. One of the salient features of this plant is the appearance of its flower before any other vegetative organ. It begins to grow in the fall. End of growth in spring. Lack of fertile seeds despite the abundant production of whole flowers and the need to harvest the flowers early in the morning before the weather warms up. Propagation of saffron is common exclusively by the underground corm of coriander. Harvesting involves picking the flowers and separating the stigmas from the rest of the flowers, and finally drying the stigmas. The average yield of saffron in case of full observance of agricultural principles is about 10 kg of dried saffron per hectare of batch saffron. The lifespan of flowers is about 3 to 4 days, which is an average of 2170 flowers per kilo of saffron flowers, and from each 78 kg of flowers, usually 1 kg of batch saffron (stigma with cream) is obtained to prepare 1 kg of saffron Sergol needs about 105 kg of flowers and to prepare 1 kg of premium hollow saffron (maximum length of cream remaining and attached to the stigma less than 3 mm) requires about 103 kg of saffron flowers. After harvesting and separating the stigmas, the most important parameter in The quality of saffron is how to dry the stigma, which should be done in a clean environment and in a short time (about 2 to 3 hours) and at a temperature of about 50 to 60 degrees Celsius in the electric. The Spanish drying method (sieve-heater) is next and then the microwave drying method.

At present, all stages of flower picking and stigma separation and saffron technology are done by hand.

The stigma of three branches of saffron is its most important commercial part. This part of the flower contains fatty substances. It is a mineral salt and mucilage. The aroma of saffron is due to the presence of colorless tropane essential oil and an oxygenated compound with cinnamon called safra nal. And the taste of saffron is related to the bitter heteroside of picrocrocin. The pigment of saffron is related to the presence of a substance called crocin.

The best way to separate the ingredients in saffron for home food is to dissolve the crushed saffron in a mixture of hot water and liquid oil (in the ratio of one part oil to twenty parts water for half an hour).

Consumption for each person is usually about 1.15 grams per meal.

محیط ایده آل برای نگهداری زعفران ، مکانی خشک و خنک و به دور از نور است.

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