Saffron, the most expensive spice, is usually sold by the gram

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Saffron is the most precious valuable spice in the world. Its the labour intensive hand picking of the saffron crocuses that contributes to the price, the 3 stigmas of the female saffron crocus plant are separated, sorted and then dried. Each Saffron filament is one red stigma from the flower of the Crocus Sativa plant, and there are only 3 stigmas per flower.
The price of saffron varies according to the country of growth and the kind of harvest that prevailed that year, which in turn is dictated by the weather conditions. Iranian saffron is regarded by all food experts and professional chefs as the World number 1 saffron in terms of quality and strength.

Price also varies according to what cut of the saffron you get, this could be 100% red Sargol, semi-red Pushali or yellow Konge. The finest grade is the all red Sargol which has highest strength and color. Next is the Pushali which is red/orange color. Lowest grade is the Konge which is yellow and has lowest strength and color. You can also buy bunch saffron that includes every part of the flower filament

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