Chinese Petro Resin GA120

Product Name: chinese Petro resin GA120 Other names: chinese Petro , Petro GA120 persian Title: پترو رزین GA120 چین Manufacturer: Taiwan

Place of Origin :

Product Name: chinese Petro resin GA120

Other names: chinese Petro , Petro GA120

persian Title: پترو رزین GA120 چین

Manufacturer: Taiwan

Chemical Form: Solid

Unit of measurement: kg

Package Type: 25kg bag

Grade: GA120

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Chinese petro resin GA120, also known as hydrocarbon resin, is a solid resin with yellow patches and very good optical stability with chemical stabilizing properties in acidic and alkaline environments, which is widely used in industry.

  • What is Chinese Petro Resin GA120 ?

Petroleum resins are usually obtained from a mixture of linear, cyclic olefinic hydrocarbon monomers and vinyl aromatic derivatives and are known by the number of hydrocarbons they contain.

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