Sewage polyethylene pipe

Application of Rothengaran's PE pipes: Transfer of urban and industrial sewage-Gas transmission-Transfer of water supply network- Air transport-Transmission of oil and industrial liquids-Transmission of drainage waters. for more information please check our website :

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Sewage polyethylene pipe
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Growing use of polymers, particularly HDPE pipes in construction projects has resulted in the production of single-wall Polyethylene pipes in different diameters and working pressures. Rothengaran's polyethylene Pipe is produced based on the standards DIN8074, 8078. The company is capable of producing hdpe Pipe up to size 2000 mm with materials pe80, pe100 at pressures of 4-6-10-16 and 20 atm.

Technical Specifications

Polyethylene pipe was first commercially made in the 1940s, after world war II. Today it is the  most widely used plastic pipe material in the world. HDPE is rapidly becoming the material of choice for engineers and contractors worldwide. When fused together, HDPE offers a zero leak rate due to the seamless nature of the pipe system.  HDPE pipe offers a more environmentally sustainable footprint because it is non-toxic, corrosion and chemical resistant, has a long lifespan, and is suitable for trenchless installation methods.

Application of Rothengaran's PE pipes:
    Transfer of urban and industrial sewage
    Gas transmission
    Transfer of water supply network
    Air transport
    Transmission of oil and industrial liquids
    Transmission of drainage waters

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