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Growing use of polymers, particularly HDPE pipes in construction projects has resulted in the production of single-wall Polyethylene pipes in different diameters and working pressures. Rothengaran's polyethylene Pipe is produced based on the standards DIN8074, 8078. The company is capable of producing hdpe Pipe up to size 2000 mm with materials pe80, pe100 at pressures of 4-6-10-16 and 20 atm.

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polyethylene pipe
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  • Low weight
  • More compact size and lower weight of Rothengaran's polyethylene pipes compared to similar pipes
  • Ease of transport and loading, ease of installation and handling
  • Resistance to acids and bases
  • Polyethylene pipes have higher resistance than metal and iron pipes, and are resistant to some acids and bases
  • Impact resistance
  • Because of high strength against Newton pressures and internal loads, Rothengaran's PE pipes have high resistance
  • Quick and easy installation; Rothengaran's polyethylene pipes can be welded and installed easily. In case of fitting connections, pipes are connected to each other and in case of Buttweld, pipes become cooled after welding operations and will have high strength.
  • Rothengaran's polyethylene pipes are produced according to customer requests in 6 and 12 m branches up to 110 in size as 100-meter coils. Types of materials are determined by the customer.
  • Rothengaran Parseh offers a complete set of PE pipes, fittings, manholes, tools and welding with wide applications.

    Due to high quality and reliability of polyethylene, easy loading and transportation of pipes, relatively low weight and quick and easy installation, PE fittings and manholes of Rothengaran Parseh have become the best choice in a variety of projects. Moreover, PE pipes, fittings and manholes of Rothengaran Parseh have high elasticity and good resistance against impacts even at very low temperatures.

    Our PE pipes are used in systems like:
    • Fire, dredging, water supply, gas, sewer
    • Polyethylene manholes, cable protection, drainage, sea water transfer
    • Features and benefits of PE pipes, fittings and manholes of Rothengaran Parseh:
    Low weight:
    • PE pipes, fittings and manholes of Rothengaran Parseh have low relative weight which leads to easy carrying, loading and installation.
    Resistance to very low temperatures:
    • Strength, conductivity and high elasticity of PE allows the user to carry and install Rothengaran's pipes, fittings and manholes at very low temperatures.
    Resistance to impact:
    • Due to high strength of polyethylene against impact, there is no need to use higher pressure pipes, fittings and anti-impact devices.
    Resistance to wear:
    • Comparison of PE with other materials has shown that PE pipes, fittings and manholes are highly resistant to wear. Thus, PE pipes of Rothengaran Parseh are an excellent choice for transferring liquids containing insoluble solids.
    Resistance to chemicals:
    • Acid and base environments as well as many solvents and chemicals do not affect PE. This is one of the main advantages of PE pipes, fittings and manholes of Rothengaran Parseh.
    Excellent flow:
    • Since the inner surface of polyethylene PE pipes and fittings of Rothengaran Parseh are roughness and smooth, materials within them have a rapid flow.
    Easy connection:
    • Polyethylene pipes of Rothengaran Parseh are offered as coils and branches. The coil type is available in small sizes, resulted in cost savings for binding. The pipe branches can be connected to each other with electrofusion fittings, welding, etc.
    Quality control lab:
    • Quality control lab of Rothengaran Parseh is a completely independent unit, equipped with modern measuring devices.

    Polyethylene pipes and fittings of Rothengaran Parseh are widely used in the transfer of gas, sewerage, drainage, drinking water, fire-fighting, cable protection and pressurized irrigation systems. The standard of production and packaging: Rothengaran Parseh produces gas pipes according to European standards and water pipes according to German standards.
     12 to 110 mm pipes are packaged as coils. 125-mm pipes are offered as both 12-meter coils and branches and higher sizes as 12-meter branches. Consumables: Rothengaran Parseh's polyethylene pipes and fittings are produced from (HDPE) materials based on customer orders with grades (PE63) and (PE80) and (PE100).
     Rothengaran is the largest manufacturer of polyethylene pipes up to 2000 mm for water, gas, oil and industrial and urban waste water. Our pipes are produced and offered with materials PE100, PE80 of Borooj - Sabik - Tasni. Requested pipes are produced at pressures of 4-6-8-10-16-20-25 atm.

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