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How to choose the right dental compressor?

Comprehensive Dental Compressor Buying Guid

Dental Wind Compressor-Dental Wind Pump-Oil Free Oil Compressor

If this is your question and you are considering buying a dental compressor, be sure to read this.

Compressed dry air is one of the most important and sensitive needs of a dental center.

In addition to the fact that the establishment and maintenance of a dental office is entirely dependent on the compressor, the quality of the air that is used therapeutically (especially in dentistry) is of paramount importance and will have a major impact on the health of the treatment staff, the patient and the quality of treatment. At least meet the requirements and standards for use in medical centers.

Silence and relief of the treatment environment are also important factors in patient satisfaction and quality of service delivery, which is one of the major concerns of dentists worldwide due to a variety of reasons, such as the lack of space in dental centers.

Therefore choosing a high quality compressor that meets the standards and requirements for use in a dental clinic can greatly help you in controlling infection (maintaining the health of the treatment staff and patients), keeping calm, continuing to work and End the improvement in quality of care and services at a dental center.

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Factors that are important in buying dental compressors are:


۱. Price
۲. Quality and standard
۳. Sound (Noise)
۴. after sales service
۵. Installation items

2) The price of dental compressors:


The first, and in most cases the most important, choice is price. In order to make an easy and informed purchase, you must first decide on the budget you are planning to buy.
The best way to do this is to put a little tolerance for the amount you are considering, and after considering the criteria we will review together, consider the value of purchasing the device for its cost.

2) Dental compressor standard and quality:


* Mechanical standard: *


All dental compressor components, especially those that are internally compressor-mounted, should be Medical Grade.

* Dental Compressor Engine: *

Custom Oil Block Iran Oil Pump (1W) One Hp


Dental Compressor Block



Custom Oil Pump Iran (2 watt) 2-horsepower custom block


Block Two Pump Horse Iran



The dental compressor motor must be oil-free or so-called Oilfree. According to Iran's national standards, the use of oil compressors for medical and dental purposes has also been banned for five years.

* Tank: *


Wind Compressor Tank-Dental Pump Pump-Dental Compressor Tank


The dental compressor tank should be corrosion-resistant metal and the inner surface of the tank should be covered with a thick layer of epoxy to prevent the growth and spread of harmful micro-organisms and bacteria in the tank.

* Drain valve for dental compressor

The dental compressor tank should be completely discharged from time to time (depending on weather conditions) to eliminate moisture inside the tank (albeit negligible), so dental compressors equipped with standard drainage valves should be available. .
* Output Filter and Regulator:

Dental Compressor: Air Filter Compressor-Air Purifier Compressor
Preferably, the dental compressor should have an outlet regulator and an output filter so that the outlet air is of good pressure and free of any suspended particles.

* Cooling and heat protection system: *

Preferably, the compressor motor must be fitted with a suitable ventilation system and heat shield to lower the engine temperature and prevent it from being damaged or burned in the face of overheating.
* Emergency Drain Valve: *

All compressors should be equipped with emergency drain valve, so that if the engine does not stop after filling the tank, it will discharge the excess air and prevent explosion and damage to the compressor.
Infection Control Techniques:


Ambient air contains impurities and impurities that cause germ growth and spread of infection in the compressor tank and the pathways of the tubes and transfer it to the patient's mouth and ambient air.

Moisture can also damage the internal components of the compressor and expensive equipment that is now connected to such units and instruments, which in the long run can dramatically increase equipment maintenance costs.
* Antibacterial Filter: *
Compressor Filter
The antibacterial filter completes the air drying process, making the compressor outlet air free of any micro-organisms and bacteria.
Continuity and quality *: *
The compressor must meet the standards stated above and be of good quality and durability. Obviously, if the compressor does not maintain a satisfactory working life, it will stop the whole office, discontent the physician, the patients and ultimately the economic losses.
2) Compressor sound
If there is no room available for the compressor due to the design and interior of the separate office or the compressor room is very close to the unit, be sure to include the noise factor in the compressor specifications and preferably incorporate a compressor whose sound is below 2 dB. Be it.
1) After sales service and support:
Providing quality after-sales service will have a huge impact on the compressor performance.

* Having a strong local representative or technician
* Provide timely and easy access to parts and services as well as being non-proprietary
* Good ethics and good customer behavior
* And at the end of completion and on time commitments

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