Plantguard P8110B P8151B P8403 P8431 P8451 P8461 P8471 P8448

ABB has over 20 years of experience in designing, installing and maintaining fault tolerant systems, both on and offshore.


power :

ABB has over 20 years of experience in designing, installing and maintaining fault tolerant systems, both on and offshore.

P8100  Controller Chassis

P8110B  Processor

P8110C Processor

P8120  Processor Interface Adaptor

P8121  Processor Interface Adaptor

P8122  Processor Interface Adaptor

P8123  Processor Interface Adaptor

P8151B Communication Interface

P8151C Communication Interface

P8153  Communication Interface Adaptor

P8160  Interface Modules

P8161  SC300E Bridge Module

P8162  CS300 Bridge Module

P8191  Shield

P8192  Shield

P8193  Shield

P8194  Shroud Kit

P8200  I/O Power Supply Chassis

P8202  I/O Power Supply Chassis

P8220  Power Supply Module

P8222  Power Supply Module

P8225  Power Supply Module

P8230  Power Shelf

P8231  Power Pack 24VDC

P8232  Power Pack 28VDC

P8233  Power Port

P8234  Power Controller

P8235  Power Shield

P8240  Power Shelf

P8243  Power Port

P8247  Power Shelf Support

P8270  24V dc Fan Assembly

P8271  Fan Tray

P8272  Vent & Baffle Unit

P8273  Grill for Fan Assembly

P8290  Output Power Distribution Module

P8292  Power Distribution Unit

P8293  Power skyp guoerhua Fuse

P8294  Power Distribution Unit

P8300  Expander Chassis

P8310  Expander Processor

P8311   Expander Interface

P8312-4 Expander Interface Adaptor

P8312-7 Expander Interface Adaptor

P8314  Fibre TX RX Unit

P8380  Chassis Panel Rear Mounting Kit

P8402  Dual 24V dc Digital Input

P8403  24V dc Digital Input

P8423  35-120V dc Digital Input

P8424  120V ac Digital Input

P8431  Analogue Input

P8432  Dual Analogue Input

P8433  Isolated Analogue Input

P8448  Zone Interface

P8449  24V dc Valve Monitor

P8451  24V dc Digital Output

P8461  24/48V dc Digital Output

P8471  120V dc Digital Output Module

P8472  120V info at oilwaterfilter dot com Output

P8480  Analogue Output

P8800  40 channel 24V dc Digital Input FTA

P8801  40 channel 24V dc Digital Input FTA

P8802  60 channel 24V dc Digital Input FTA

P8805  60 channel 24V dc Digital Input FTA

P8821  40 channel 120V dc Digital Input FTA

P8824  40 channel 120V ac Digital Input FTA

P8830  40 channel Analogue Input FTA

P8831  40 channel Analogue Input FTA

P8832  60 channel Analogue Input FTA

P8833  20 channel Isolated AI/DI FTA

P8835  60 channel 24V dc Analogue Input FTA

P8840  8 channel Temperature VFTA

P8842  40 channel Universal Versatile FTA

P8846  9 channel Speed Input FTA

P8850  40 channel Analogue or Digital Output FTA

P8870  32 channel info at oilwaterfilter dot com FTA

P8871  16 channel 120V dc Digital Output FTA

P8891  2 channel High Integrity Relay Output FTA

P8901  VFTA Fuse/Link Pack

P8902  FTA

P8903  FTA

TC-001-02, TC-002-02, TC-003-02, TC-004-02, TC-006-02,TC-011-02, TC-201-02, TC-203-02, TC-205-02, TC-207-02, TC-209-02, TC-210-02, TC-211-02, TC-212-02, TC-221-02, TC-301-02, TC-302-02, TC-303-02, TC-304-01, TC-305-01, TC-306-02, TC-308-02, TC-311-02, TC-312-02, TC-313-02, TC-314-02, TC-320-01, TC-323-01, TC-501-02, TC-503-02, TC-504-02, TC-505-02, TC-507-02, TC-509-02, TC-510-02, TC-511-02, TC-512-02, TC-517-02, TC-601-02, TC-701-02, TC-801-02

P8100C, P8120C, P8121C, P8122C, P8123C, P8153C, P8231C, P8232C, P8240C, P8293C, P8300C, P8310C, P8311C, P8314C, P8403C, P8424C, P8431C, P8432C, P8433C, P8448C, P8449C, P8451C, P8461C, P8471C, P8480C, P8800C, P8801C, P8830C, P8831C, P8833C, P8842C, P8846C, P8850C, P8891C, P8312-4C, P8312-7C, P8131, P8173, P8444, P8834, P8841, P8295, P8296, P8297, P8201, P8226, P8086, TC322-02, TC324-02, TC325-02, TC-310-02, TC-321-01, TC-322-02, TC-324-02, TC-325-02, TC-521-02

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