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Circular Screeners For Powders High performance sieves, screeners and separators safeguarding the quality of your final products. Round screen for grading spray dried powder and solid materials in general

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the VP01490 and 01412 model of circular vibrating mesh sieves is offered in two different sizes and and up to 3 separation decks. It is used most commonly for the separation of very fine powders and solid materials.

The high capacity vibratory sieve from the has become the industry standard for the efficient screening and separation of fine powders such as calcium carbonate powder at high throughputs. With over 30 years of constant development in design and manufacturing, this model offers the sieving machine industry’s most cost effective, user friendly and reliable screening solution for nearly all powder applications.

This product is offered with various mesh sieve cleaning accessories such as ball cleaning systems to optimise performance.



Pharmaceutical industry; Mining industry; Machinery; Food industry; Metallurgic industry


Construction features

• Ring clamping system.  

• Parts in contact with materials are made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

• Product outlet with tilted surface.

• Electric motor vibrator, IP 65 protection rating.


Technical features  VP1200 1/X VP1200 2/X
Electrical power (kW) 1 1.6

Centrifugal force (kg) 

1500 2000
Screening decks  1 2
Weight (kg)  300 400

Main accessories

• Cover with inspection hatch and diffuser.

• Automatic net cleaning system.

• Non-stick bottom section



• Grading powder and granular materials in general



• High performance thanks to the great centrifugal force applied to the motor.

• Accurate screening by virtue of the square mesh nets.

•  Rapid ejection of reject material above the net, to increase the output and service life of the nets.

• Extremely reliable thanks to the sturdy structure.

• Low noise level.



a wide range of product variations and accessories to meet all screening needs:

Mesh cleaning systems
These include mechanical cleaning using balls for powders, and wash in (WIP) place systems with nozzles.

Lid covers
These vary according to the different diameter for the inlet, inspection ports and valves/spigots.

Stainless steel base
If required, a stainless steel base can be added.

Quick release band clamps
Available for safe, effective and quick fixing of decks to the machine base.

Mobile trolley
All equipment can be mounted on wheels or a trolley.

AISI 316 stainless steel manufacturing
compliant AISI 316 stainless steel screeners for the food
and pharmaceutical industries and provides the same machines for many other sectors


Swing sieve cleaning net way                                                                                       

 Bouncing ball cleaning: meet the food grade rubber, silica-gel sphere beat in the punching plate screen, hit the metal net, reduce clogging of the mesh. This system is simple and easy to use, easy to maintain, and is suitable for most granular materials.

Rotary brush cleaning: The rotary drum brush is driven by a reduction gear arranged on the base plate, rotating brush under the sieve net, cleaning materials, suitable for screening spherical, crystallization and brittle material.

Ultrasonic cleaning: high frequency ultrasound is transmitted to the screen net, both to clean the screen, and significantly improve the production ability. Applicable to the most sophisticated, high yield, difficult screening material. 


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