,soybean , soybean meal, barley and wheat , protein products like chicken and veal , raw oil and dry milk

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This  company  work  on field  of  consultant  and execution  for  importing  agricultural  harvests  like  sugar ,soybean , soybean meal, barley  and wheat , protein  products  like  chicken and   veal   , raw  oil  and  dry milk, so exporting  Iranian  dried  food  and  Iron  Ore.

Other  our  activities  are marketing  in Iran  for  importing  machineries  and  instruments  of entertainment center  from  Europe , that  now  we  are  doing  it  and  achieve  good result.   

So  we  establish  trading  company  in  other  countries  like UAE  and China, take exclusive  agent  from  foreign  to  Iran , doing  consultant  for  marketing  international  business  contract , preparing  business  and  marketing  plan.

In  recent  years  we  could  succeed  to  make  cooperation  business  contract  with  foreign  companies  in  Germany ,Brazil, China and UAE  that  almost  activities  in  business  consultant  for  buying  and  importing  agricultural  harvests  and  protein  products doing in   Brazilian  office ,  importing  second  hand  machineries and  technology   doing in  Germany  office ,importing  new machineries  and  how know doing  in China  office  and  exporting  dried  food and  doing  other  international  business  doing in UAE office.

So we are  working  as  a broker  in  many field  in Iran  like  sale  Iraqi  petroleum to  Afghanistan  and  marketing  for  selling  Iranian  petroleum .

By  the way , we are  able  to  consultant  for  marketing  in foreign  countries  for  Iranian products  like  dried  food ,chemical  products ,….  And execution of  international  contract, preparing  business  and  marketing  plan.

We  hope  to  have  good deal  with  you  in near future

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