UHK-ZK slurry pump

Commodity: UHB-ZK Slurry Pump is cantilever single -stage, single suction centrifugal pump.

Working Temperature :
-20 degree to 80 degree

Commodity: UHB-ZK Slurry Pump is cantilever single -stage, single suction centrifugal pump. 
Brand: South 
The Pump is designed to transmit the corrosive mediums which contain particle or crystallization. 
The Pump use the iron which lined with ultra-high molecular polyethylene molding process to manufacturer the pump. So it has premium performance in corrosion prevention and wear resistance. Cantilever Structure is designed to open in front semi-open impeller (No front and back panels ) this design increase the trafficability of the line. And it can make the medium particles and impurities quickly through the pump chamber without block. The seal is K-type fluroine rubber seal ring outer zone cooling water device, and it meets the requirement of corrosion prevention and wear resistance. 
Working Temperature: -20 - 80 degree 
Flow: 3- 1000m3/h 
Head: 15- 50 m 
Motor: Normally Motor or EX Motor. 
Charactersticsl iner: Flow componentes adopt the steel liner ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene manufacturing. The wear resistance is polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) 4 Times, Carbon Steel, Stainless 
Steel 6-7 times. Corrosion wear. PH Class clear liquid slurry are applicable not adhesive, resistance to adhersive ability and PTFE Quite. Friction coefficient is low. Have self lubricity. Safe and relible, no Toxin decomposition, suitable for use in food industry. 
Application Medium: Concentration below 80 % sulfuric acid, The below 50 % nitric acid, Hydrochloric acid, the concentration of each liquid alkali and mine with corrosive slurries and pulp, namely applicable clear liquid also applicable slurry. 
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