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Ilkar car manufacturing with registration number 16064 has 5 brushes and is equipped with a dryer. Types of automatic car washes based on the design and operation of the mechanized car washes are divided into two types of gate car washes and tunnel car washes based on the type of design. In a gated car wash, various equipments are placed on a gate, and this gate moves on a rail, and tunel

This deniz wd240 car wash machine is produced by Arabeh Ilgar Machine Manufacturing, number 16064, equipped with a car wash dryer: Arabeh Ilgar Company provides all kinds of automatic car washes in gated models (rail car wash), automatic tunnel car washes of all types, special equipment washes. Bus and transit equipped with Robowash options for washing the mud on the rim and around the tires and fenders, underwasher or undercarriage wash for underwear and the undercarriage under the car and engine with strong water pressure. All the steps of carrying out the different stages of the car include detergents, draining and drying the car in a traditional and manual way, a tedious, time-consuming and expensive process. This process is not compatible with the environment due to the significant waste of water and detergents and the introduction of a large volume of the environment. At the same time, with the increasing progress of technology, advanced car methods and automatic car wash systems have become a substitute for traditional methods and due to their higher speed and quality, cost-effectiveness and greater compatibility with the environment, they have been highly welcomed. Without the need for the increasing growth of the market of automatic car wash machines, it cannot be satisfied, and the profitability of an automatic car wash and the acceptance of investors to launch this model of car washes play a fundamental role in the development of this model. - The body of the device is completely industrially made of hot galvanized, which is phosphated and covered by electrostatic powder paint. - The device is very easy to use, the service and depreciation of the device is very low. - Equipped with a smart PLC system with computer programming by the German Siemens brand - Equipped with an inverter system to adjust the speed of the device and the moving motors - Equipped with a soft start and soft stop system for longer life of the brush motors when starting And when installing the brushes - the standard water filter system and the standard air filter system for longer life, the pneumatic system of the device (Italy) - is equipped with an electric detergent spray pump to adjust the amount of detergent. - To adjust the amount of polishing wax, the equipment is connected to an electric spray pump. - It has an automatic machine number counter system. - System to system of water system in winter to prevent the installation of device facilities - Horizontal brush is equipped with power control system which causes better quality and less depreciation. - It has an emergency stop system - the brand of motors of the desk drive device is Italy. The contact number of the sales service department: 04112841946 Technical specifications of Deniz ilgar 240 WD gated car wash with dryer, the possibility of adding more after-sales facilities such as rebowash (high pressure washing 200 bar water pressure), adding rim salt and Automatic car wash pedals with mobile and fixed dryer design and construction of Ilgar automatic car wash compared to manual car wash: using Ilgar car automatic car wash systems under the ccwash brand for cars compared to manual car wash methods with many choices Some of them are: the higher quality of automatic car wash systems using water purification equipment means that no stains or marks are left on the body after the operation. On the other hand, the use of specialized and standard detergents in automatic car washes not only prevents damage to the car's paint and increases the quality of the operation in a way, but also causes a protective layer to be created on the surface of the car and the amount of absorption be absorbed On the level of the car, the increase in the price of automatic car washes of Ilqar is more appropriate and with European quality. It is also possible to sell automatic car washes in installments. A higher speed requires a maximum of 5 minutes to complete the full speed of a car and perform all the steps of draining and drying it by an automatic car wash. By comparing this time with the time required to use the machine manually, one can understand the high efficiency of the device and the amount of time saved.

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