Refractory board

Refractory board

This product has excellent heat tolerance and low thermal conductivity, which makes this board used in many fields. This versatile product is made of fiberglass, special glue and asbestos. This glue is not able to withstand temperatures higher than 100 degrees Celsius, and if the heat in the product increases, the glue will disappear completely.

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Product description

Refractory board

The properties of ceramic board, such as excellent heat tolerance, high strength and low thermal conductivity, have made this ceramic board have special applications in various fields.

This versatile product is made of fiberglass called fiberglass, special glue and fireproof cotton, which can not withstand temperatures above 100 degrees Celsius, and if the heat in the product increases, the glue will disappear completely.

Refractory products have similar properties by paying attention to the materials made of them. These properties are:

Ability to control pressures
Resistant to any weather conditions
Proper resistance to chemicals
Acceptable mechanical properties
The main material of ceramic board is refractory cotton. In addition to withstanding high heat, this product is resistant to alkaline and acidic environments and has high chemical resistance.

Ceramic board is a widely used and special product among refractory products that is added to its fans day by day.

In this section, we intend to examine the most significant properties of refractory board:

Has a smooth surface resulting in easy installation
Can be used in any environment
Low weight amount
Do not change dimensions in different weather conditions
Super flexibility and easy cutting
Convenient machining
Low heat transfer thus has high heat
Heat temperature if used more than 1000 to 1300 degrees Celsius, maximum heat tolerance from 1260 to 1430 degrees Celsius
High resistance to heat shock
Resistant to abrasion and tension
Has very good mechanical strength
Ability to control pressure resulting in better performance and longer life
Excellent endurance
Sound insulation and high ability to absorb sound
Maintain an acceptable result in alkaline and acidic environments
Resistance to chemical corrosion and oxidation
Ceramic refractory boards have a thickness of 150 to 5 mm and can be offered in the market in the dimensions of 500 * 1000 mm, 1000 * 1000 mm and 1200 * 1000 mm.

By examining the most prominent properties of ceramic boards, we will deal with the various applications of this product:

Insulation of burners
Thermal sealing of boilers and furnaces
Making a variety of expansion joints
Construction of heat shield
Wall liner
Insulation of the roof and walls of baking ovens
Acoustic sealing of industrial parts
Casting nozzle insulation

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