potassium sulfate K2O4S

Product Name:K2SO4/potassium Sulfate/potash Fertilizer.-CAS No.: 7778-80-5- Other Name: SOP-MF:K2SO4-EINECS No.:231-915-5- Place of Origin: iran -State: Granules and powder-Purity:potassium oxide (K2O) ≥ 50% Application: Agriculture Industry -Brand Name: u.p.c(petro chemical urmia ) Model Number:SOP 0-0-50-Color:White-Shape: Granules and powder-Moisture:1.5%max

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Benefits of powdered and micronized potassium sulfate:
1. Causes increase of plants and resistance to dehydration, heat, salinity and cold
2. Increasing the resistance of plants to pests and diseases and maintaining the desired pH in the roots (potassium sulfate, due to the lack of chlorine, unlike other fertilizers does not cause soil salinity and is therefore suitable for the following products and other products sensitive to chlorine).
3. Causes abundant flowering and good fruit set, less fruit falling, excellent taste and possibility of long storage
4. Stimulator of plant growth
5. Increases protein production
6. Increase water efficiency
7. Increasing plant resistance to diseases and pests, wind and high temperatures
8. Stimulating flowering and fruiting
9. Flower quality enhancer, especially roses
10. Strengthen the nodes of plants containing high carbohydrates such as potatoes.
11. Potassium element as one of the most consumed elements has an important role in increasing the yield and yield of pistachio trees.
Method and amount of micronized powdered potassium sulfate:
Indications :All garden, field and greenhouse plants
Type of use :Irrigation fertilizer - water soluble

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