Paint and resin Raw materials

Paint and resin primitive materials include a variety of organic and mineral pigments, polymer additives, a variety of waxes, and., Which are used to make a variety of paints, polymers, and…. Normally, 40% of pigments , 30% of resin, 20% of solvent and 10% of additives are used to produce dyes from raw materials.

Paint and resin primitive materials include a variety of organic and mineral pigments, polymer additives, a variety of waxes, and., Which are used to make a variety of paints, polymers, and….

Normally, 40% of pigments , 30% of resin, 20% of solvent and 10% of additives are used to produce dyes from raw materials. For example, powder paints that do not use solvents in their formulations or Lacquer that do not use pigment, we intend to briefly introduce the Paint and resin primitive materials :

Pigment: Particles are solid powders that are divided into organic and mineral categories and are distinguished from each other in terms of properties and applications and are used to color the product.

Coating pigments: They are insoluble in the base color and have virtually no role in covering the base color and giving color, and are used only to modify the properties of the color and modify the color.

Resins: The main agent in the production of paints, a liquid-like Glue that causes the paint to stick and forms the main base of the paint coating, and its job is to resist water and chemicals when drying, hardness and durability, surface adhesion and strength. Cover.

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