Paraffin Chlorine India

Product Name: Paraffin Chlorine India persian Title: پارافین کلره هند Manufacturer: India Unit of measurement: kg

Product Name: Paraffin Chlorine India

persian Title: پارافین کلره هند

Manufacturer: India

Unit of measurement: kg

Package Type: 160kg barrel

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Paraffin Chlorine India is a type of industrial paraffin, with a purity of 52%, which is usually available in the form of clear, white, viscous, tasteless liquid liquid, with a sweet smell, insoluble in water and with very good dissolution power in other solvents Be.

What is Paraffin Chlorine India?
These alkalis with the chemical formula C12H19Cl7 are actually chain hydrocarbons that have been chlorinated. Chlorinated paraffins are produced by chlorination of paraffins obtained from oil distillation and are classified according to the length of the carbon chain and their chlorination percentage.

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