Clothing and footwear, Refractory and anti-heat shields

Clothing and footwear, Refractory and anti-heat shields.his company is working with our valuable experiences, manufacturing and manufacturing of clothing, gloves, and fireproof and anti-warming fabrics. We are the best in this field..Safety Equipment.

Safety Equipment :
Refractory and anti-heat shields
refractory polymers :
Fireproof polymer

پوشاک و کفش، مقاوم در برابر آتش و ضد گرمایی.

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  برای fires ایمنی لوازم

سلام این شرکت در حال کار با تجربه های با ارزش ما، تولید و ساخت لباس، گلاسه، و پارچه های ضد آتش و ضد گرمایش است. ما بهترین ها در این زمینه هستیم.

Fireproof and refractory polymers🔥🔥

An excellent value, . lasts three to five times longer than other protective fabrics, including 100% cotton and flame-retardant treated cotton. But comfort and fit are also an essential part of safety, which is why DuPont collaborates with manufacturers and mills to help them expand on and improve their offerings of FR clothing protection with softer,

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Distribution of refractory materials for items and clothes resistant to heat and fire ..
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