Specific Surface Area and Pore Size Distribution- BET

Recognized as the most advanced instrument in the field for material surface characterization1. The GasSorb- I has become a crucial tool for providing high resolution adsorption, desorption, isotherms to advance and validate fundamental understanding into development of methodologies and process improvements.

Specific Surface Area and Pore Size Distribution- BET
Item Specification
GasSorb - I Measurement principle:static Volumetric method
Adsorption gas/vapor: N2, Ar, Kr, CO2, H2, O2, CH4, other non-corrosive gas
Multi sample measurement: 1 port
Measurement range: Specific surface area: 0.05 - 3000 m2/g (N2)
Pore size distribution(Diameter): 0.35~500nm
Pressure transducer:1.6 bar

Gas port: 2
Vacuum pump: Rotary pump
Pretreatment heater : 50~400℃

Tabular and Graphical Reports:
• Single and multipoint BET surface area
• Total pore volume
• Langmuir surface area and Isotherm reports
• t-Plot
- Harkins and Jura Thickness Equation
- Halsey Thickness Equation
- Carbon STSA
- Broekhoff-de Boer
- Kruk-Jaroniec-Sayari
• BJH adsorption and desorption
- Standard
- Kruk-Jaroniec-Sayari correction
• Dollimore-Heal adsorption and desorption
• Mesopore
• - Volume and area distributions by pore size

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