DDW 48CAV Self-locking Plastic Bottle Cap Mold with hot runner

DDW 48CAV Self-locking Plastic Bottle Cap Mold with hot runner plastic bottle cap mold life is 2 millon shots 45days to finish 1 set plastic bottle cap mold 30% deposit, the balance will be paid before shipping

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48CAV plastic cap mold

1) Steel using S136, 2316, 718, etc. we choose according to customer’s requirement; 

Steel Abroad Suppliers: Switzerland ASSAB, German SAARS TAHL, Japan DAIDOU, Austria BOHLER, America FKL and etc.
Home Suppliers: Bao Steel, Fushun Steel, Great Wall Steel and etc. 

2) Heat treatment and hardness

Different technologies are employed in different cap mold components and steels to assure better polish and long life. 
After vacuum quenching, the hardness of core and cavity of cap mould can reach HRC 42-45 and the ejected pin can up to HRC55;

3) Runner
We use the cold runner for less cavity of cap mould
For more cavities of cap mould, we recommend using hot runner system. Each cavity is controlled by temperature controller independently to make temperature on error of 2 degrees Celsius for better quality of the products and production efficiency 
Our hot runner systems are from famous brand over the world, like HUSKY.MASTER.YUDO.SYNVENTIVE and etc. 
Also we suggest reliable hot runner system (made in China) to you for more competitive price of cap mould with hot runner system 

All the processing are completed by EDM and high-speed CNC machining center; we do grinding on active components like ejector rob to make longer life of mould; 
High precise mold processing and standard design make every part of cap mould interchangeable; 
Cap mould assembly work is finished by professional maker to ensure the quality of the mould; 

5) Cap moulds cycle time and life
We provide the two different schemes to meet the reasonable cycle time:
1. For water bottle cap mould and common injection molding machine, Cycle time is general in 12 seconds around ,
2.  For water bottle cap mould adopted the fast cooling material and high-speed injection molding machine, match with reasonable auxiliary machinery, cycle time is general in 6 ~ 8 seconds 
Cap mould shots can reach at least 2 million with good steel, reasonable heat treatment and precise processing.

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