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Cable Ladder Galvanized 15 cm Cable Ladder Iranian : Iranian Producer and Manufacturer cable Ladder ، Cable Ladder and Cable Ladder Galvanized Hot Dip

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Iranian Producer and Manufacturer cable Ladder ، Cable Ladder and  Cable Ladder Galvanized Hot Dip

Build a galvanized cable ladder by cable ladder manufacturer :

Ladder cables or Ladder Cabel for high-voltage cabling in high volumes. Using a cable ladder is a better alternative than the cable tray, where the current is higher than the cables and the higher the heat generated The cables are arranged by the cable tray, which means that ladders are usually used without a cover and in indoor environments .

Size, standard size of the floor (width) of the cable ladde :

Ladders are often made in widths of 10, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60 and ... cm, and sometimes they are produced in accordance with the customer's order according to the type of application and environment of the ladder. The length of the cable ladder is 2 meters and 3 meters in terms of usage and sales in the market.

Edge of cable ladder :

The edge of the cable ladder, which is the edge of the ladder, is determined by the need for cabling, after determining the width of the ladder. The edge is 5 cm in height.The customer can order ladder edges from 5 centimeters to the top (6, 7 , 8, 9) and so on.

Cable ladder thickness :

The required thickness is calculated in terms of the number of cables, the amount of current and the startup environment. The thickness of the cable ladder is estimated, so according to the order of the applicant, the thickness of 1, 25/1, 1.5, 2 mm Made hot and cold galvanized.

Types of metal cable ladder, sheet type :

Based on the need and utilization of the cable ladder in the electrical and electronic industry, the priority of the request and the difference in the price calculation of the cable ladder in the market is as follows.

Galvanized cable ladder

Hot-galvanized cable ladders (hot-plating)

Steel cable ladder (Steel 304 _ Steel 316)

Select Cable Ladder :

The cable ladder sheet is selected as a cable tray sheet. Choosing a hot-dip galvanized cable ladder for a humid, acidic and acidic environment is a more convenient option than a cold-finished galvanized cable ladder.

To install and maintain the cable system, you need to install the cable ladder fittings, which we will cover in more detail :

Cable ladder fittings and fittings :

Cable Ladder Bend

Knee-lengths are applied to the gangways and the angles of execution and installation. Variants of the cable ladder's knees, 1_ 90 ° Cable 2 ° Cable Ladder Horizontal 4_ Cable Ladder Vertical Movable knee cable ladder, knees can be The 90 °, 45 ° inner knee and 90 ° knee, 45 ° outer, are also designed to be built in such a way that when needed, Inside Cable Ladder Vertical90Bends _ Outside Cable Ladder Vertical 90 Bends It's the shape of the knee to be called the mobile knee of the cable ladder.

Cable Ladder Reducer :

Direct interface, armhole interface, conversion interface

Converting Ladder Cable :

Construction of the transformation is produced according to the order of the ladder order with different widths, as in the cable laying design by the cable ladder, for example, when we have a cable ladder with a width of 20 cm and we want to link it to a ladder with a width of 30 cm We use the conversion (interface) of 20 to 30

Cable Ladder Riser :

It is a kind of interconnecting and connecting cable ladder that is made as a cascade raiser.

Cable ladder stairs :

Stairs of the ladder are made as proffilips or small rails. Ladder stairs are usually 25 cm apart.

Triple cable ladder :

Triangles act as transforms. In turns, it is a one-way route, but three ways require three separate paths, and the executor is convinced of the use of a cable ladder's triple path.

Kabul Ladder Crossway :

The use of a four way is much less than the conversion of a ladder and a three way, and is usually used in the middle of the run. When the system operator wants to connect the cabling route to the middle of the project, it should be used in a quadruple way.

Cable ladder support :

Or cable ladder holder for installing and installing all joints and the ladder itself on the ceiling and the wall of the project. These types of cable ladders are required. Types, wall mounting, ceiling 2_Suport, 3_Sapure Wuxi, 4_Suport Installation (Hilti) Support without boiling) 6_ Custom cable ladder support

Cable ladder bracket :

Brackets are a plate (plate) that is used for the installation of a cable ladder. A wall-mounted wall or ceiling can have punches to be used as a moving bracket or as a stationary bracket. It can be said that the cable ladder bracket is a type of support.

A_Buskeeping B_ Moving Bracket

The merits of the cable ladder :

1_ Ladder cables with open stairs and openings make the cables, which have been heated by high current flow, remain cooler.

2_ Cabling flexibility in the cable ladder is relative to the cable tray

3_ Larger cable lifespan

4_ Easy installation and installation

Cable ladder price :

The price of the cable ladder is based on items such as thickness, width, height of the ladder edge, number of stairs, type of sheet, length of the cable ladder at the lowest price of the cable ladder is very important, by choosing the thickness of the sheet, the type of hot plating, Cold plating (FABRIC) and STEEL CABLE ladder price varies. The price of the cable ladder fittings is also closely linked to the conditions set out above, and the other factor is the price increase, the customization of the cable ladder fittings, for example, a different shape than the standard.

Production of cable ladder ladder in Iran Producing cable ladder by making all connections required for cable ladder installation, cable ladder, cable ladder, cable ladder, cable ladder transformation, cable ladder interface, raiser cable ladder, cable ladder bracket , Ladder support, bolt and cable ladder installation, and other trunking services are at the service of dear fellow countrymen.

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