ALUPHONIC RESIN C11⇔↘↙ best material mixing to rubber Resistance filler

Aluphonic C11 resin is a matter of healing for all tires. ↘↘ALUPHONIC RESIN C11↙↙ best material mixing to rubber....Resistance and rubber.. ...........................Please⇔⇔⇔

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United States of America
Aluphonic c11
for mixing to rubber
  • ALPC11  RESIN Aluphonic C11


resin is a matter of healing for all tires.

This resin is very important for the tire and rubber. 


This resin is comfortable in the rubber mixing.


 This resin is fire-resistant and heat-resistant. 


The foam is non-toxic. 


The resin for heat resistance and wear rubber. 


This resin is soft and hard rubber and doctor. 


The foam is waterproof and acid.


 The foam rubber ozone resistance increases. 


This resin has the best resistance to shock and pressure tires.

  1. ALUPHONIC RESIN C11⇔best new resin filler for mixing to rubber

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