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 Saffron is a scientific name ( Crocus Sativus) for a plant derived from iris family. Saffron genus that bears euphoria features is used as an antidepressant integrator by some European pharmaceutical companies. This plant is 10-30 cm. high. From the middle of its bulbs or its base of the stem grow some long thin leaves. From middle of the leaves, some flowering stems grow that leads to 1-3 flowers. The flowers are very beautiful and have 6 purple petals that may be in some varieties of rose or purple. The flowers have three stamens and one pistil leading to reddish-orange stigma branches. This plant is used in its cream and 3 branched stigma which is known as saffron and has an aromatic odor and slightly bitter taste.

Cultivation of saffron in Iran's history goes back to more than 3000 years ago. This old, colorful, and precious plant is known as red gold or desert gold. And because of its great taste, color and aroma, this plant can have many different applications in producing food, pharmaceutical and chemical products. Given the limited cultivation and production, this is considered as an expensive product.
Iran, with an average of 90 to 93 percent of total world saffron production (between 200 and 300 tons per year) is considered as the first producer in the world.

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