finger print door lock

finger print door locks open 4 ways. finger print , password , mechanical key and by smart home application from any place.


1 . American TI core chip for lock , make sure high-precision identification and high safty performance.

2 . Four independent ways of unlocking : fingerprint+password+remote control+mechanical key.

3 . Jimmy-resistance alarm function: When outside plate suffers serious deformation or shifting, lock will emit acoustic-optic alarm.

4 . With "always open" (passage door) function.

5 . Mantissa password protection function: Password with 6 figures has mantissa password protection function in keypad.6.Multi-functional switch: There is a multi-functional switch in inside plate, its usage can be set to satisfy the need of house, office or different occasions.

7.Low voltage alarm function: When battery is in low voltage status, lock will emit acoustic-optic alarm.

8.Auto locking function: Lock body have the function of auto locking, which means it will auto lock when closing door.

9 . Locking protection function: After consecutively entering wrong passwords for 3 times or consecutively swiping unauthorized cards 3 times, the lock will emit acoustic-optic alarm and the digital keyboard area or induction area will be locked for 5 min.

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