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Iranian Oil field service company bases in Ahwaz in northwest Iran oil well drilling company drilling mud materials supplier oil well drilling waste management service provider in Iran with new techniques

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Daryan Arvand Drilling Fluids
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Drilling Fluids

Oill field service company in Iran
oil well drilling company and oil exploration
drilling mud materials supplier
oil well drilling waste management service provider

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Daryan Arvand drilling fluids  company (DAD Co) is manufacturer and supplier of chemicals , ( oil well drilling chemicals such as caustic soda , soda ash etc), minerals ( iron oxide ( hematite ), barite , bentonite , calcium carbonate , salt , mica , etc), water treatment chemicals ( aluminum sulfate , poly aluminum chloride , PHPA ( poly electrolyte etc), solids control or drilling fluids  equipment ( decanter centrifuge , cuttings dryer with flushing system , filtration unit , mono ( feed ) pump , super clone ( super cyclone or decanting unit ), ( derrick & mongoose ) screens etc) & petrochemicals in Iran , Iraq and littoral countries with a very good price and good quality.
we also supply glass beads ( torque free , glass balls , torque reducer or glass spheres ) in different sizes for oil well drilling with a very good quality and very competitive price.

please be noted that according to our coa, our torque free doesn’t have any arsenic (a toxic metal found in rice or other chemicals which is harmful for human ) and this is an advantage over chinese torque frees exported to europe and other countries.
this material has application in dyestuff , painting , epoxy , flooring , lineation in roads , cosmetics , lipstick (volume) , mascaras (for anti-hunk ).
below is coa of our iron oxide (hematite) for 3 different kinds
samples size fe  feo
number 10-10 mm 60.0816.92
number 210-25 mm61.4916.21
number 310-25 mm61.1413.58

any questions or chemicals, please feel free to contact us
best wishes for your esteemed co
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Daryan Drilling Fluids Company
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