Gonella silage scraper machines - spare knife

Spare knives for Gonella silage scraper and same design feeder machines with sharp edge for unloading silage in lowest time with lowest energy usage.

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A silage scraper machine unloads silage with a smooth face to keep the silo as health as possible.There are several types of silage scraper machines with different structures. However, the best machine never gives a good performance if its knives are not enough sharp and well designed.

So, being sharp & in a good condition is very neccessary for knives. Best management of silo occures when farmers check the shape, sharpness and healthness of knives always.

Although it is a small part in this big machine, however it has very strong effect on performance of scraper, preparing well mixed ratio for animals, save the money with less spoilage and waste of silo and increasing the milk yeild of animals.

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