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Translation Services in relation to English & other international languages in Tehran , Iran Translator of English , Russian , Italian , Chinese , Arabic , France , German , Turkish etc Interpretation & Translation services in Tehran and other cities of Iran Tour guide ( Tourist Guider ) for Tourists & foreigners

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Iranian Interpreter

Business Interpreter

Professional Translator

Iranian Tour Guider in Tehran

Professional Tour Leader in Iran

Professional Translator & Interpreter 

Translation Center for Foreign Tourists in Iran

Professional Interpret Services for Foreign Tourists

Tour leading, tour guiding center in Iranian Capital of Tehran

to submit the best tourist services to visit Iranian tourist attractions

for more information please contact Mr Alborzi: 0098 9354342900

the responsible for all tourist & travel agency services in Tehran

dont be hesitated for having the best travel and trip in Iran

One of the best tourist locations in Asia and the world

A 4-season country with diversified nature

with 1.648.195 Square Meter Area

from Turkey to Pakistan

Azerbaijan to Oman

Great Iran



We have English , German , Italian , Russian , France and Arabic translators to translate your words into Persian & English. All services related to English language and other languages including:

English , Russian , Italian , Chinese , Arabic , France , German , Spanish , Turkish etc into Persian (Farsi) & vice versa

we provide services below with a very good , fair and reasonable price:

Interpretation & Translation

Tour guideTourist Guider or guide )

your guide to see Iranian tourism attractions

There’s no shortage of fascinating tourist attractions and Tourist sites for travelers to such an Ancient land like Iran. find what to see  in Iran , when you’ve already done Tehran , Shiraz and Persepolis & beautiful Isfahan etc

Iranian Capital city of Tehran Tourist Attractionsin in Iranian Center beside Alborz

Beautiful Province of Isfahan Tourist Attractions in Center of Iran

Mazandaran ( Northern Iran ) Tourist attraction

Shiraz ( Saa'di ) Tourist Attractions

Kerman Tourist City

ancient Yazd



Iranian tour Guide

Iranian Tour leader

Iranian Tourism attractions

Tourism ( tourist ) industry in Iran

Tour Guider in Tehran ( Iranian Capital )

Business Interpreter in Iranian city of Tehran

Translator professional in interpret and concurrent translation

I am a tour guide ( U.S. ) or a tourist guide (European) and interpreter 

( Master in business terms or incoterms or business language ) and provide assistance , information and cultural , historical and contemporary heritage interpretation to people on organized tours and individual clients at educational establishments , religious and historical sites , museums , and at venues of other significant interest. do not hesitate in contacting us for high-quality tourist services in Tehran , Iran.

I guide the tourists individually or in groups who come to visit Iran my country , Iran is a very great country with so many tourist attractions such as Hafez , Sa'di shrines , Ali sadr cave in Hamedan etc. Iran is a 4-season country with diversified culture , religions , rituals , affairs , people etc


There has been no terror attack or terrorist attck in Iran since 30 years ago. Undoubtedly, Iran is the safest country in the world. Travel Iran safely and comfortably. Very warm welcome Iran. Respected tourists who plan to visit Iran can contact me:

my cell phone number is: 0098 9354342900        Mr  Alborzi

Tehran is the capital of Iran , in the north of the country. Its central Golestan Palace complex , with its ornate rooms  and marble throne , was the seat of power of the Qajar dynasty. The National Jewelry Museum holds many of the Qajar monarchs’ jewels , while the National Museum of Iran has artifacts dating back to Paleolithic times. The Milad Tower offers panoramic views  over the largest city of Iran and Middle East. We have a Russian interpreter or Translator in Shiraz city.

Iran translator   伊朗翻译 who have QQ software or dont.

中文翻译 , 伊朗语 also called 波斯语 , 波斯语中文翻译 , 伊朗语中文翻译 , 伊朗驻地中文翻译 , Iran business translator ,  伊朗商务翻译 , 在伊朗德黑兰的商务翻译和个人英语翻译  , 在伊朗德黑兰的商务翻译及专业英语翻译


my email address: ZOLA1364@YAHOO.COM

Mobile , Whatsapp , Telegram number: 0098 9354342900 Mr Alborzi

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