GASOLINE octane95
  • GASOLINE octane95
  • GASOLINE octane95
  • GASOLINE octane95

GASOLINE octane95

gasoline octan95, SULFUR 50 PPM - ULSB hereby confirm with full legal and corporate responsibility under penalty of perjury, that we are ready, willing and able to enter into a contract to sell and transfer of the aforementioned commodity hereunder with the following terms and conditions and specifications:

Supplier information

" Asia Novin Group " IC

Iran (Islamic Republic of), Tehran

Importer, Wholesaler, Exporter

JP54-AVIATION KEROSENE COLONIAL, GAS OIL D2 0.2/62- HSD2, GASOLINE OCTANE 98, MAZUT M100-FUEL OIL cst 180- FUEL OIL cst 280-, Crude oil light, crude oil heavy, crude oil mix, LNG, LPG, GAS OIL D2-0.5, gasoilD2 Gasoline octan95 sulfur 900ppm, gasoline octan95 sulfur200 ppm, FUEL OIL CST 380, GAS OIL ULTRA LOW SULFUR - ULSD2, gas oil low sulfur Bitumen80/100, Bitumen85/100

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Product description

gasoline octane 95

Minimum Quantity: 30,000 Metric Tons per Month

Maximum Quantity: 500,000 Metric Tons per Month

Price: Gross $ 4900 USD/$ 480.00 USD NET on CIF/ASWP

Price: Gross $ 470.00 USD/$ 460.00 USD NET on FOB/ Rotterdam/ Novorossiysk/ Vladivostok/ Primorsk


1. Buyer issue ICPO to seller.

2. Seller issues Draft Contract and Commercial Invoice for buyer to countersign upon acceptance of the terms and conditions.

3. Seller sends to buyer, Commitment to supply and product availability in storage reservoir, Product Passport and Company registration certificate.

4. Buyer provide their own hired Tank Farm and endorse the tank storage agreement (TSA) with the hired tank facilitator of the respective port tank farm, to enable seller Pump/Inject the product into the tank or buyer provide their TSA with their respective tank operator if any for seller verification before TSR and pumping of the product to the rented tank.

5. Seller issue Dip-Test Authorization to buyer.

6. Upon successful dip test, buyer makes payment by MT103 T/T wire transfer for the total product available.

7. Seller pays commission to seller side intermediaries involved in the transaction and Buyer pays commission to buyer side intermediaries involved in the transaction.


1. Buyer issues Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order (ICPO) with Sellers Procedures.

2. Seller issues take over Contract Addendum along with Commercial Invoice and also provide Vessel details for review and endorsement by all parties.

3. Seller issues Proof of Products and Shipping documents as listed below: a. Certificate if Origin. b. Company License. c. Product Analysis Report) d. B/L (bill of Loading). e. Vessel Q88. 4. Upon receipt of the above documents by the Buyer, Buyer makes payment of the title transfer of the Vessel via TT Wire Transfer/MT 103.

5. Upon receipt of the above payment of the Vessel Title Transfer, the Ownership Certificate will be issued and the remaining Proof of Product and shipping documents will be sent to the Buyer alongside the SGS Report at the loading port while the course of the Vessel will be re-routed to the current Buyer’s discharge port.

6. upon arrival of the vessel at discharge port, the Vessel captain will hand over all the original POP document to the Buyers or his representative while Buyer pays for the total Contract after SGS, CIQ or equivalent inspection at the discharge port via F/F Wire Transfer and the rerouting fee will be deducted while off loading will commence immediately



2. Seller issues CONTRACT to buyer and buyer sign along with bank endorsed draft / template of MT760 SBLC/BG and Commitment Letter to perform and send to seller.

3. Seller issue partial POP documents from seller secured email to buyer secured email with below documents: A. COPY OF LICENSE CERTIFICATE B. COPY OF STATEMENT AVAILABILITY OF PRODUCT C. COPY OF COMMITMENT TO PRODUCE THE PRODUCT D. COPY OF DEEDS / ACTS OF PRODUCT TRANSFER E. COPY OF CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN 4. Buyer issue proof of fund via operative bank instrument as mention above (MT760) to seller nominated sister company bank outside Russia and send copy to seller via email.

5. Seller confirm the bank instrument with result of verification POF and move the product from storage facility to loading port and issues Dip Test Authorization Letter (DTA), fresh SGS, Tank Receipt, License of the firm and Form A, Refinery Commitment of Supply, Q88, Affidavit from Ministry Transaction Passport, Statement of Availability of Product, Transportation Contract Agreement, Shipment Schedule, DTA, Packing List and give 2% P-bond as guarantee that the seller will supply the 12 months delivery to buyer and seller start loading and give shipping details to buyer to contact the captain on board to confirm the estimated time of the arrival (ETA) and current position of the said vessel.

6. When vessel arrives at buyer port, Buyer carry’s out Dip Test at buyer port and Buyer performs Q&Q and sends copy to seller for Final Commercial Invoice and seller transfers full title in Buyer’s name and upon receipt of final Commercial Invoice Buyer release payment by T/T or MT103 within five (5) banking days directly to seller bank account after discharge of cargo.

7. Buyer pays the commission to all of parties against IMFPA AGREEMENT, CONTRACT FOR 12 MONTHS

8. Seller commences shipments. When vessel arrives at buyer port, then seller issues Full POP/ transfers full title to buyer.

9. Buyer performs Q&Q and sends copy to seller for Final Commercial Invoice.

10. Upon receipt of Final Commercial Invoice buyer releases payment by T/T or MT103 within seven (7) banking days.

11. Buyer pay Commissions to all parties against IMFPA agreement.

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