Stone Cutting And Ceramic Cutting

Complete collection for cutting variety of surfaces with ability of select the proper size

Feature of the machine:

Conveyer for cutting in various angles.

Auxiliary table for long work pieces.

Separable stands for easy displacement.

Having the ability to install blade from 250 mm to 350 mm.

Lateral fixed oblique for cutting the work piece in front of oblique.

Portability of the machine by tubular grippers.

Galvanized work table for corrosion prevention.

Owning water tank, floating pump and discharge cap installed on the machine.

Having the ability to adjust blade’s height up to 100 mm, for cutting or grooving the work piece.

Electrical switchgear and security fuse for protecting electromotor and water pump.

Flat electromotor (Single and 3 phase) with 3 horse power and 2800 rpm.

Cutting capability from angles of 0 to 45 (Mitered cuts)

Back moving holder for Seri and identical cutting in different sizes.

Having energy chain for protect electricity cable and water hose from bending or rapture.

Linear and smooth motion of the cutting head on anti-streaks and anti-corrosion chromium shafts.

For smooth cutting, accurate, choosing the appropriate machine and disk is very important.

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