Center Stage

devotedcreations Center Stage™ Warming Coconut Juice-Based Tan Enhancer Body perfect International Trading

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Center Stage
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United States of America
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distributors in Middle East

devotedcreations Center Stage™

Warming Coconut Juice-Based Tan Enhancer

Center Stage™

Glamour Collection

Let Your Inner Celebrity Shine Through

Warming Coconut Juice Based Tan Enhancer


  • Lightweight mild tingling tan enhancer
  • Anti-aging and skin-firming benefits
  • Blackberry Breeze fragrance


  • Formulated with various accelerators to speed up the tanning process for faster, darker results
  • Camu Camu Berries – complement the body's natural growth and repair of tissues & collagen formation
  • Sea Weed – draws toxins out of the body
  • Bee’s Wax – contains skin conditioning and restorative properties
  • Provides immediate and long-term moisturizing benefits


Center Stage™ Feel the heat of life in the spotlight! With the deep, dark tan you get from Center Stage you will be sure to have all eyes on you! This fun lotion is blended with camu camu berries to help slow down the aging process. Seaweed and bee’s wax are utilized to help draw toxins from the body and work to condition the skin.  You will notice soft, smooth skin and dark tanning satisfaction.


Those seeking a bronzer free tingle

Sensitive skin tingle (Aloe, Hemp & Nut Free)

Anyone seeking a tingle in the Glamour Collection


Tan Enhancer, Tingle

Bottle Size 8.5oz Packet Size .5oz

Body perfect International Trading  

Supplier information

Body perfect International Trading
[United Arab Emirates, Dubai]
  • Business type: Importer, Wholesaler, Exporter
  • Products/Services: solarium, tanning bed, beauty, tanning lamp, tanning lotion, skin care, IPL, argan oil, hair care, Massage machine
  • Ownership type: CompanyLtd
  • +0098-930-1029693
  • View supplier website >>

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