Filter set for spectrophotometer

Starna Filter set for Spectrophotometer

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Caltesco is sales and after-sales representative for  Starna Cells.

Starna Spectrophotometer Cells

Spectrophotometer cells are used for holding your samples to be measured for absorbance or transmission in all common spectrophotometers.

There is an accepted international standard size, shape and materials for the construction of these cells. Starna spectrophotometer cells comply with these standards so that our cells can be used with most spectrophotometers made anywhere in the world.

We make a large selection of cells so that you can select the best cell design for your sample type, size and wavelength range.

Rectangular Spectrophotometer Cells

Rectangular cells are used for most UV/VIS routine analysis. By far the most common type of cell, they have two windows clear and conform to international standard dimension. The 10mm pathlength size should fit most instruments that use rectangular cells. Available pathlengths are from 1mm to 100mm. Check with your instrument manual to see if you need an adaptor for longer pathlength cells.

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