Heat Conduction in Solids Unit

Heat Conduction in Solids Unit

This product is suitable for heat transfer laboratory related to chemical engineering, chemistry and mechanical engineering fields. This unit is able to precisely measure temperature change using linear and radial modules and 12 temperature sensors.

Supplier information

Pezhvak Pazhouh Sanat

Iran (Islamic Republic of), Tehran


Process Control Lab, Unit Operation Lab, Heat Transfer Lab, Facility Lab, Laboratory Equipments, Educational Equipments, University Laboratories, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Educational Units, Laboratory Equipments

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# Temperature Sensor
# Thermometer
Product description

Learning Objectives / Experiments:

  • Measuring temperature and observing the change in linear heat transfer
  • Evaluation of linear heat conduction coefficient
  • Measuring temperature and observing the change in radial heat transfer
  • Evaluation of radial heat conduction coefficient

Unit Components:

  • Linear heat conduction in 3 different modules with 60 w heater
  • Radial heat transfer with disk radius of 110 mm and 60 w heater
  • Condenser pipe in linear and radial modules
  • Industrial thermocouples with temperature range of 0 to 100 C

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