Gas Absorption Unit
  • Gas Absorption Unit
  • Gas Absorption Unit

Gas Absorption Unit

This unit is used to absorb CO2 from the air by water. The unit has three sections (top, middle and bottom) in which there are two valves for pressure drop evaluation and CO2 content evaluation. CO2 content is measured by the Hempel embedded on the unit.

Supplier information

Pezhvak Pazhouh Sanat

Iran (Islamic Republic of), Tehran


Process Control Lab, Unit Operation Lab, Heat Transfer Lab, Facility Lab, Laboratory Equipments, Educational Equipments, University Laboratories, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Educational Units, Laboratory Equipments

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Absorption Section
Column Height
1.5 m for each
# Manometers
# Rotameters

Product description

Learning Objectives / Experiments:

  • Study of gas absorption process in packed column
  • Column pressure drop measuring
  • Flooding point specification
  • Study of mass balance

Unit Components:

  • Two-section packed column with about 1.5 meters height
  • Water pump
  • Compressor
  • Reflux tank
  • Three Rotameters for water, air and CO2 flow indicating
  • Two manometers
  • Hempel for dissolved CO2 measuring
  • PVC lines and fittings
  • Aluminum profile casing

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