Packed Distillation Column Unit

Packed Distillation Column contains two glass parts filled with packing.Each part temperature can be read from a precise digital thermometer. reflux stream can be adjusted using two solenoid valves. The power of boiler heater can be adjusted, too. Tanks are made from stainless steel and glass tanks are made from German glass. Safety plan for the unit consists of multiple layers.

Heater Power :
2 kW
# Solenoid Valve :
Operation Mode :
Continuous and Batch
Vacuum Operation :
# Temperature Sensor :

Learning Objectives / Experiments:

  • Observing column operation in continuous, batch and vacuum mode with different reflux ratios.
  • Study of feed preheating influence on column efficiency
  • Condensation profile determination
  • Heat profile determination
  • Column pressure drop measurement

Column components:

  • Steel boiler
  • Heater (2 kW)
  • Glassy column for better vision of the process
  • Steel condenser
  • Steel pipes and fittings
  • Steel feed preheater
  • Manometer for column pressure drop indication
  • Glassy storages for top and bottom products
  • Glassy phase separator
  • Temperature sensor
  • Vacuum gauge for column vacuuming
  • Solenoid valves for reflux ratio setting
  • Accurate reflux set module to set reflux from 0 to 100
  • Aluminum profile casing

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