Automatic Flow Control Unit

This product is designed to control the water flow in a pipeline. The control valve embedded on the pipeline, using software orders, increases or decreases pipeline flow and automatically reaches to the set point.

Software :
Control Valve :
Tank Material :
Stainless Steel

Learning Objectives / Experiments:

  • Study of flow controlling with P, PI and PID controllers
  • Flow sensor calibration
  • Obtaining control valve characteristic equation
  • Training of different systems modeling with common methods

Unit Components:

  • Industrial control valve
  • PLC unit to connect the unit to the computer
  • Industrial flow sensor
  • Industrial pump
  •  “Labview” software with ability to draw flow and control valve graphs
  • Rotameter for water flow indication
  • Ball valve to change system resistance and create different systems
  • Stainless Steel water storage tank
  • Storage water discharge valve
  • Aluminum profile casing

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Supplier information

Pezhvak Pazhouh Sanat
[Iran (Islamic Republic of), Tehran]
  • Business type: Manufacturer
  • Products/Services: Process Control Lab, Unit Operation Lab, Heat Transfer Lab, Facility Lab, Laboratory Equipments, Educational Equipments, University Laboratories, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Educational Units, Laboratory Equipments
  • Ownership type: CompanyLtd
  • +98-21-56236055
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