Resin insulator

Outdoor post insulators, Indoor post insulators, insulating base, resin insulator, Standoff Insulators, Passing insulators, Bushings for 1 kv to 36 kv

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– Compact size

– Good dimensional accuracy

– High bending strength

– High tensile strength

– High impact resistance

– Good dielectric strength

– Long creepage distance

– Good arc strength

– Possibility to repair surface damage

– Low thermal capacity; temperature fluctuations cause no concentration of moisture on the


Important Types of Epoxy

  • Bisphenol A: which is the resin most widely used for manufacturing of castings, moldings, laminates and filament composites
  • Novolacs: an epoxy resin with higher heat and chemical resistance and stiffness than Bisphenol A epoxy resin.  Most commonly used to create rigid castings, moldings and laminates. such as epoxy phenol novolacs (EPN) and epoxy cresol novolacs (ECN)
  • Brominated Epoxy:  which are the most ‘fire resistant’ of the epoxy resins.
  • Glycidyls:  Epoxy resin with the most flexibility.
  • Cycloaliphatics:  It is the most widely used for outdoor parts. Although cycloaliphatic epoxy resin has good mechanical strengh, its rigid structure can result in brittleness.
  • Hydrophobia Cycloaliphatics:  Epoxy resin most suitable for outdoor use because it is the most weathering resistance and great mechanical strength

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Toos Tavan Taban Pejvak
[Iran (Islamic Republic of), Mashhad]
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  • Products/Services: Resin Insulator, composit product
  • Ownership type: Cooperative
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