Intelligent remote monitoring and control unit Vida Series VMS-TPX00

Remote control and monitoring unit Vida platform using the new operator panels Curl Italy Series PGD touch with new advanced software applications Vida year of user connections Vida intelligent local control products in intelligent building automation, utilities, air conditioning and refrigeration with telecommunications using Web technology.

FTP/WEB Server
Windows CE 6.0
c.PCO :

The technical advantages are as follows User
Has all the standard features of industrial HMI storage with the ability to select the language and font
IP65 degree of protection with the ability to function in a temperature range of minus 20 to screen 60 ° C
Equipped with 128MB flash memory and RAM 256 Mkabayty Mkabayty and Fangshnhay FTP / WEB Server
Advanced graphics terminal operator programmable control equipment PCO Series
Mkabayty with 30 projects, including 1000 pages, 10,000 control points, 30 Time band once, 2000 Trent 30 alarms maximum number of samples saved 24 million and ...
Connecting to a computer network for performance as governor Windows client
4 color screen. 3/7/10. 4-inch 480 x 272 resolution 65,000 color Ryzvlshn type LCD TFT and LED back light
Touch screen with high image quality with effective communication between the user and control equipment and high speed to open pages Brvsr
Equipped with onboard Windows CE 6.0 operating system to provide performance DESK TOP standard with all facilities without the need for servers and workstations conventional
Laybry symbols with air conditioning, refrigeration, mechanical and intelligent building management, graphical format and advanced functions and integration of functions
Equipped with an internal clock with batteries and Screen saver and Buzzer
Equipped with timing functions daily, weekly and monthly automatic control Pvynthay to control, regulate and set point
Alarm management with automatic POP on the screen at the time of their
The possibility of live or stored data plot graphical method to transfer it to a USB memory
Using software tools 1 tools or c. Suite to provide functional program and upload it
Network data transfer between control equipment to reduce the number of joint control Pvynthay
Ykdddd multi-protocol serial port Ethernet (Modbus / BACnet / TCP / IP) to connect to the network for Computer equipment with programmable local control (two-port 4. 3 inch)
Ykdd RS485 serial port Mstrmvlty protocols (Modbus RTU / BACnet MSTP) for communication with control devices to connect with a network cable Shyldar 255 Oslo Magzyym length of 500 m
RS485 serial port multi-protocol Ykdd Oslo (Modbus RTU / BACnet MSTP) in connection with the Third Party 7 and 10. 4 inch
Ykdd USB port for uploading fast application performance control and monitoring unit
Web server (HTTP): the ability to monitor and control local control Vida on the Internet using web and mobile client
View complete details of the operator terminal control units c.PCO built-in Web pages service (PGDWeb)
Intelligent remote monitoring and control unit Vida Series VMS-Cx100
Remote control and monitoring unit Vida platform using the new control equipment Curl Italy c.PCO series with new advanced software applications to communicate with all products this year Vida Vida intelligent local control in intelligent building automation installations, ventilation Air conditioning and refrigeration supply is equipped with isolated serial port built-in Ethernet speeds of 100mb / s for direct connection to a computer network with the same service provider named below is a fantastic performance.

• Web Server (HTTP): the ability to monitor and control local control Vida with a storage capacity of 90 KB to copy web pages
• Supervisory and industrial equipment with operator touch panel Mdbas protocol on the Ethernet port
• Communication with BMS protocol Ethernet port on the back notes with software license purchase
• Full Profile Information terminal operator built-in Web pages service (PGDWeb)
• live or stored data to plot graphical method
• File Server (FTP): storage of web pages and technical documentation accessible by FTP protocol
• store and download the data by CSV internal stability
• Online remote maintenance unit Vida
Programmable control unit with high flexibility in the size of DIN 4 modules for ease of installation based on the order metal body and feeding equipment, wiring and connectors for Ethernet multi-protocol serial ports equipped including Ykdd and Ykdd port Local serial communication protocol of choice (Mdbas) to communicate with the local control of Vida, the operator panel Built in 132x64 LCD display and selectable protocol Ykdd local serial port for communication with an external terminal operator, 6 D digital output relays O, 10 O Universal Universal independently configurable for each channel is as follows
• analog inputs with 14-bit analog to digital converter to improve the accuracy of reading the signal input to connect temperature sensors, passive and active sensors with voltage and current output
• Digital input for connection of switches to normal operation and fast 2 kHz frequency
• analog output voltage or PWM output for control of regulating local Basygnal

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